Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another film clip of the litter pickup in Climauti de Jos

The children picking up trash along the riverbank.

Litter pickup in the village of Climauti de Jos (Film Clip)

The kids taking a break from work with snacks and soda. 

We held the Nistru Riverbank litter pickup for the Climauti de Jos segment last Thursday morning. It was a beautiful day and the kids were enthusiastic.  The turnout was extremely high, and we had the full cooperation of the school director and his teachers.   We collected about two horsecarts worth of garbage in under two hours.  

Thanks to all who participated!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Our flyer for our ecological art and literature contest

We are holding an art and literature contest in our community to promote our work with the environment.   We wanted to have as much publicity and impact as possible for our upcoming seminars and litter pickup days and thought that having this contest would maximize exposure and awareness in the community.  

The contest is open to all villagers, not only kids.  We want everyone to be able to participate, since the river affects all who live along it.  

We hope to have high numbers of entries!