Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kind of like mowing the lawn for your neighbor

There is a group of four kids that have become regulars at our Centru Informatie. For the past two weeks, they would come in the afternoon and play on the computers for a few hours. Although I have no idea as to what their allowances are, I always thought that they were probably spending quite a bit of it. That was indeed proven true, when they started to only use one computer instead of four. Even with this frugality, they still ran out of lei. They ended up just coming in to watch the other kids play and to hang out.

I was running through the village after work one evening and met them on the road. They invited me to come with them to pick cherries. I wasn't exactly in the mood to climb trees, especially with my injuries. But I do like cherries. This encounter provided the inspiration for our present bargain: they would pick cherries and other fruit for me in exchange for computer time.

My partner laughed when he heard about how I was bartering fruit for comps.

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