Thursday, September 25, 2008

Results of the Summer Reading Campaign

During the summer, I sponsored a reading campaign at the local high school. Students were given reading lists corresponding to their grade level, and had the entire summer vacation to complete that list. Prizes were to be handed out according to the percentage of the list completed. In the fall, participants were tested to confirm that the reading had been done.

I am delighted to report that ten students successfully completed the program. Five read at least 75% of the books on their list, and five read at least 50% of the books on their lists.

Although I had initially wanted to divide the prizes according to the percentage of books completed and give different cash prizes, I have decided instead to take them all on a cultural field trip to the capital, Chisinau. I feel that not only would this be more faithful to the original intention of the campaign, which was to inspire love of learning in children, it would also serve to motivate more children to participate in the next campaign. Also, it would be much more fun than receiving 80 Moldovan Lei.

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