Friday, July 04, 2008

Dr Dolittle?

Recently, I have been finding stray kittens like they were dropped change. It's not as if I walk around holding catnip, and I definitely have not eaten fish for months. My theory is that just as the Moldovan humans cannot resist coming to me to out of curiousity, so cannot the kittens. They simply have to check the străin out.

The first pair I picked up right across the street from where I live. I had heard rather insistent meowing for several nights and finally saw the source while I was walking back one evening. They were definitely a bit frightened at first, but turning off the flashlight helped me persuade them to come with me. They were famished and rather dirty, really just skin and bones. Luckily, the existing cat at the house had just had a litter and did not object to two more mouths.

The third one was a bit more special. He was originally part of our cat's litter and was given away. I assume he didn't find his new home to his liking, but got lost trying to come back since I found him in the neighbor's yard. He was meowing like kingdom come, and I have never heard another feline meow as loud as he does. It really is very endearing. Intrigued, I decided to respond with my own imitation of him and he came running down from the tree he was up at.

I haven't named any one of them yet, and welcome suggestions.

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