Friday, July 11, 2008

School is in Session

I have always believed that knowledge and education go hand in hand with success and fortune, and now, our organisation is expanding its services and offering courses on English and basic computer literacy. The courses are taught in small and intimate classes and customized to both the skills and the needs of the students. They are offered free of charge. We only ask the students to take the lessons seriously, be punctual, and do as best as they can.

Right now, the English courses are the more popular half of the program. We have been inundated with inquiries and have filled up most of the available spaces. Although our current students are all children and young adults, we hope to encourage older people, especially the family breadwinners to enroll. I feel that it is important that this group learn English, as this skill will be invaluable for their job prospects and help increase their incomes.

We hope to partner with the local schools on the computer literacy programs. We would like to begin with the teachers themselves, as we feel that the usage of computers and the internet will greatly enrichen their lectures and help them do their jobs. They can research topics, look up lesson plans, download presentation materials and multimedia and even converse with other teachers. From there, we would like to expand into the classroom itself, and make computer and internet usage as normal as the notebook and pencil.

For a developing nation like Moldova, English language skills and computer literacy are key.

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